Never Let You Down

from Split avec Garrrot by Psychrophore



I used to sing a song about a lady*
She was supposed to be my best buddy
It took me long to get rid of her
I should have sunk but I’ve been stronger
How could I ever call her my friend ?
Didn’t know the meaning of the word then
Its true sense is nothing but you
It’ll make you blush but that’s just true
The years we spent laughing our heads off
The nights we spent drinking rough
We never were alone when we were sad
We never were alone when things turned bad
I’ve been unfair often
But I love you more than you know
Never let me down I’ll never let you down
(*it's not a real person)


from Split avec Garrrot, released March 9, 2019




Psychrophore Lille, France

Punk band from Lille, France.

psy·chro·phore (sī'krō-fōr),
A double catheter through which cold water is circulated to apply cold to the urethra or another canal or cavity.

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