Monday Morning

from Split avec Garrrot by Psychrophore



Monday morning’s so shiny
And you’re there lying next to me
Why is it that we have to wake up?
Why is it that we have to get up?
On this Monday morning that’s so shiny
Monday morning could be so cosy
Instead it’s gonna be busy
Answering emails is that really a choice
As I long for your whispering voice
It’s not even an awful job only a senseless one
Not even a real rip off just a count of days passing away


from Split avec Garrrot, released March 9, 2019




Psychrophore Lille, France

Punk band from Lille, France.

psy·chro·phore (sī'krō-fōr),
A double catheter through which cold water is circulated to apply cold to the urethra or another canal or cavity.

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