I Believe

from Split avec Garrrot by Psychrophore



I don’t believe in being humble to be nice
I don’t believe in repeating things twice
I don’t intend to be sorry for being female
I don’t believe in apologizing for telling no tales
I believe what do I believe in?
I can’t explain why when I’m only proud
People see haughtiness in my sullen pout
I can’t explain why when I’m only angry
What it’s got to do with grumpy feminity?
I believe what do I believe in?
I don’t believe in shutting myself off
I don’ t believe in acting like I’m tough
Tough’s a thing a woman has to be
If she wants to keep some integrity


from Split avec Garrrot, released March 9, 2019




Psychrophore Lille, France

Punk band from Lille, France.

psy·chro·phore (sī'krō-fōr),
A double catheter through which cold water is circulated to apply cold to the urethra or another canal or cavity.

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