from Split avec Garrrot by Psychrophore



Donaldism’s the new way
Forget about past thinkers and leaders
Especially the slyest ones
The Hayeks and Von Mises can’t be despised so
Maggie was a mean bitch
As everyone should know
But in no way so daft as the Donald Trump show
Ronnie the cow-boy with his Stetson hat
Showed the world what he was at
Free enterprise and the Stars Wars
Were deep thought when compared to their distant echoes
Georgie WB lied and raved till he came to a plight
In his feeble and lousy way at least he had a might
The late Bowie sang he was afraid of Americans
I’m especially scared of the twittering one


from Split avec Garrrot, released March 9, 2019




Psychrophore Lille, France

Punk band from Lille, France.

psy·chro·phore (sī'krō-fōr),
A double catheter through which cold water is circulated to apply cold to the urethra or another canal or cavity.

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