Split avec Garrrot

by Psychrophore

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Cheveu Miracle
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Cheveu Miracle (anarcho-punk / 2019 split + Garrrot / FR., Lille // )
See Garrrot's page for the other part of the split.
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Enregistré les 15 et 16 décembre 2018. Mixé en janvier 2019.
Pochette par Jeanne. Merci à GARRROT et à celles et ceux qui le méritent.

Free download : psychrophore.kaosyouki.net
Garrrot : garrrot.bandcamp.com/releases

Videos :
- Paris 30 mars 2019 : www.youtube.com/watch?v=t1xyveEP3sc
- Nancy 09 mars 2019 : vimeo.com/325142858
- Genève 10 octobre 2018 : www.youtube.com/watch?v=vSgE67UxPDI


released March 9, 2019




Psychrophore Lille, France

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Track Name: Bad Number
We have just been talking about you
You dirty piece of shit you scum bastard
You dirty piece of shit you bad number
Did you think you could spoil my life
what did make you think so?
You hit me humiliated me in front of my friends and family
You thought you could be my master
But I’ve eventually been taking over
Maybe I needed to talk about it maybe I needed to sing about it
Purge my heart and soul purge my guts and mouth
Meanwhile (in Vera Cruz) I’m so happy
Meanwhile (in Vera Cruz) I’m just happy
Track Name: The Wall
You’ve heard many songs about them walls
You’ve heard punk and hippie tunes about them walls
What does make this one special
And will make it stand History’s trial ?
Tear down tear down that wall
Most places it’s not even a wall
You won’t see people climb and then fall
But why do you think it’s called the sniper wall
From the killer’s own avowal ?
[exercpt from Mahmoud Darwich’s poetry]
Tear down tear down THAT wall
Track Name: Hail The King
Hail the paper king
Just born out of nothing
Mere creature of the media
Null and void they made him
So hail the plastic king
Molded cunningness concealed by foundation
Glowing teeth trying to grind
Expensive toy we can’t afford
So kick him dump him throw him into the garbage bin
He’s made out of inner grime don’t even try to recycle him
He promised to get rid of all the things that we care most about
He’s going to make us spit blood
So hail the icy king
All glaring but empty within
The fire of the fight will make him thaw
The heat of the streets will make him flow
Track Name: Donaldism
Donaldism’s the new way
Forget about past thinkers and leaders
Especially the slyest ones
The Hayeks and Von Mises can’t be despised so
Maggie was a mean bitch
As everyone should know
But in no way so daft as the Donald Trump show
Ronnie the cow-boy with his Stetson hat
Showed the world what he was at
Free enterprise and the Stars Wars
Were deep thought when compared to their distant echoes
Georgie WB lied and raved till he came to a plight
In his feeble and lousy way at least he had a might
The late Bowie sang he was afraid of Americans
I’m especially scared of the twittering one
Track Name: Monday Morning
Monday morning’s so shiny
And you’re there lying next to me
Why is it that we have to wake up?
Why is it that we have to get up?
On this Monday morning that’s so shiny
Monday morning could be so cosy
Instead it’s gonna be busy
Answering emails is that really a choice
As I long for your whispering voice
It’s not even an awful job only a senseless one
Not even a real rip off just a count of days passing away
Track Name: I Believe
I don’t believe in being humble to be nice
I don’t believe in repeating things twice
I don’t intend to be sorry for being female
I don’t believe in apologizing for telling no tales
I believe what do I believe in?
I can’t explain why when I’m only proud
People see haughtiness in my sullen pout
I can’t explain why when I’m only angry
What it’s got to do with grumpy feminity?
I believe what do I believe in?
I don’t believe in shutting myself off
I don’ t believe in acting like I’m tough
Tough’s a thing a woman has to be
If she wants to keep some integrity
Track Name: Never Let You Down
I used to sing a song about a lady*
She was supposed to be my best buddy
It took me long to get rid of her
I should have sunk but I’ve been stronger
How could I ever call her my friend ?
Didn’t know the meaning of the word then
Its true sense is nothing but you
It’ll make you blush but that’s just true
The years we spent laughing our heads off
The nights we spent drinking rough
We never were alone when we were sad
We never were alone when things turned bad
I’ve been unfair often
But I love you more than you know
Never let me down I’ll never let you down
(*it's not a real person)
Track Name: Destroy
The bastards killed you for a game
A game of hatred and manliness
They killed you and got scot free
In this dirty game you lost
The bastards lied about it all
In this game of power and weaponry
They hushed the crimes while helping jihadists to the butchery
Informants fascists yesmen and the lot
All the scum of earth linked around your grave
Nothing can erase the shit that happened
But may a little noise help you rest
Track Name: When You Grow Up
I’ve always known I wasn’t shaped for motherhood
Everybody knew better and thought that I should
I was patted on the head I was smiled at
I was smiled at again and patted on the head again
Everybody said that I eventually would
But I knew I wasn’t fit for motherhood
All my life I was told « when you grow up »
There was this boy he wasn’t interested in school
He didn’t care about what was deemed cool
He didn’t mind being taken for a fool
All he wanted was to play music on his stool
All his life he was told « when you grow up »
There’s so many of us who don’t fit the frames we are given
Full misfits half-misfits nevermind
But good people beware because that’s OUR lives

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